RxPad Onboarding Guide

This  guide will take you through the onboarding steps so you can start prescribing electronically in no time
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Please complete the following steps to sign up to RxPad

Part 1: HPI-O setup in PRODA

step 1

Have your clinic's HPI-O number handy

Your HPI-O (Healthcare Provider Identifier - Organisation) is a unique number that identifies your organisation with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service. This allows your organisation to electronically prescribe.
If you have your HPI-O number, have it handy for the sign up step.
If you can’t find your HPI-O number, contact your Practice Manager or click here for instructions.
If you don't have an HPI-O number, you will need to register your organisation as a seed organisation on PRODA. Click here for instructions.
step 2

Link RxPad's CSP number (8003635833419263) to your organisation

To start prescribing using RxPad, you will need to link our contracted service provider (CSP number) to your organisation in PRODA. You can skip this step if someone from your organisation is already on RxPad.
RxPad’s CSP number is 8003635833419263.
If you have PRODA access, you can link our CSP number to your organisation in PRODA HPOS by entering RxPad’s CSP number.
If you don’t have PRODA access, please get in touch with your Practice Manager or Admin and provide them with RxPad CSP number.
For help, click here for instructions.

Part 2:  Get your eRx Entity ID

step 1

Register for an eRx Entity ID

eRx is the national electronic prescriptions exchange service. As RxPad is integrated with eRx, each prescriber will need to obtain a new eRx Entity ID from eRx. You will be unable to use existing eRx Entity IDs registered with other software providers.
Once registered, please check your email inbox for your eRx Entity ID.
Click here to register. Please ensure to select RxPad as your prescribing software.
If you need help, click here for instructions.

Part 3: Sign Up

step 1

Create your account

Click the sign up button below and follow the prompts to create your account.
step 2

Create your prescriber profile

Provide all required information as shown on your screen, including your eRx Entity Id, HPI-I and PBS prescriber number.
step 3

Look up or create your clinic

If you have your HPI-O number handy, enter it in the information field provided.
If someone has already signed up to RxPad with your clinic's HPI-O, then your clinic profile already exists. Simply click "Link Now'
If your clinic is not found, you will be prompted to Create New Organisation. Here you will need to fill out the necessary clinic details. After you are done, click Validate and then Submit. Once your clinic profile is created, it will automatically link to your profile.
step 4

Select your subscription plan

Select either the $30 or $50/month subscription plan depending on your needs. Subscriptions can be self-canceled at any point in time.

Ensure that you complete the purchase by entering your valid payment details. Otherwise, you will not be able to use RxPad's full functionalities.

Note: If you are a Telecare doctor or if you are joining RxPad as part of a group plan, please enter your payment details first and contact support@rxpad.com.au once you have signed in.
step 5

Accept T&Cs

Once you accept the terms and conditions, your RxPad account will be activated.